Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Return to Boomerang

This is not my picture. There was snow.

Finally!! The awaited return to Boomerang cave. A good snowshoe from the top of the Little Beaver ski lift at Beaver Mountain got us to this hole in the ground. With something like 300 vertical feet of ropework it was a pretty good workout.

Times on entrance pit ascent..

GNASTY SEBASTIAN = 4min. 30sec.
PETER HARTLY = 6min. 20sec.
Dr. Neil = 7min. 30sec.
Im feelin pretty good about this. : )

After the cave it was dark but had just enough light to turn our headlamps off and snowshoe by the light of the stars.
Good Trip.
Thanks Lance

Monday, December 13, 2010

Speed Up


This is me hanging from the doorway trim, im really feelin the itch to go climbing again
So work can get pretty slow, so we must find things to do to keep us entertained. I tried to get myself excited for winter, but its not working.

Small ice formations inside Canteen Springs

Saturday morning 5 A.M. a group of us arise from slumber to go to Canteen Springs cave. We got there just as the sun was coming up across the small valley. This was a really fun little trip, we did the entire cave pretty fast and were back in the valley before 10.

Boomerang Entrance Pit

This is Boomerang cave.. Lance likes to remind me of this cave by saying
     "Remember that time you forgot your harness?"
I hope to see you again soon, Boomerang. Maybe actually get inside.  

This was one of the many weird marks on the trees along the Dry Canyon Trail.

We also managed to sneak in a little snowshoe trip. We were trying to get to Logan Peak, but ran out of time. It was very foggy and rained on us for most of the way. But it was still very fun.